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What Zen Appeal Customers Are Saying
Christine says:
"Thank you so much for the items. I absolutely loved all my purchases and greatly appreciate the beautiful and informative handouts on each item.
As you know, placing the items can be challenging but since you provided a full description and location, we were able to find places in our house
for each item so quickly. So happy,"
John says:
"The items I ordered arrived today. I would like to say that both items, the Pagoda Dragon Bell and the Safety Bell are just wonderful. I looked in our
Chinatown several times and could not find what I was looking for. I must say I had some misgivings about buying these items without actually
physically seeing them, but I am truly delighted with the items. I could not make up mind which one I wanted for my new auto so I purchased both.
Now that I have them both I still can not make up my mind. Once again thanks for the wonderful items. I highly recommend your service and
Christie says:
"Just wanted to let you know I received my order thank you so much!! You will continue to get my business because of not only the amazing products
you sell but for the excellent customer service you provide as well. Please keep up the great work."
Jennifer says:
"Thank you so very much for the quick delivery and the clear explanation of everything. It's really wonderful. I love the explanation of everything and
your personal touch. It teaches novices like me so very much."
Diana says:
"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I didn't expect the pretty box or the professional way in which it was tucked inside. Your website will be
where I shop for gifts. Thank you again for the great service and presentation!"
Suzanne says:
"I wanted to send an email to you regarding my package. I LOVED that you had a note in there from you. I liked that you told me more about my
purchase. I also liked that you asked me to consider other options. GREAT service! Keep up the great work!!!!"
Sandra says:
"I want to thank you sincerely for the speed of filling and delivering my order, and very special thanks to you for carrying items that are quality items I
am happy to display in my home or office or give as gifts to others."
LK says:
"I would like to thank you for the expeditious delivery of the Gift Set. The recipient was happy and surprised to see the contents knowing what it meant
and the importance. In the future I will consider your gifts for various occasions. Thank you very much!"
Rikki says:
"I have received my order and I love it. I would also like to thank you for the information sent about the items."
Julie says:
"Thank you for all of your wonderful products. I truly feel they have made a wonderful difference in my life and in the lives of the friends I have given
them to as gifts. G-d bless all of you. :) "
Sylvia says:
"Thank you for the super fast delivery! I know I will enjoy my products! Peace and Harmony to you as well!"
Mark says:
"Your Fu Dogs and Three Immortals arrived today. Many thanks for posting them so well. All the best and thank you. They are better than I had
Victoria says:
"We just received the order, thanks for taking time to package everything with so much care, and giving the details on each item, everything arrived in
mint condition. And thank you so much for the beautiful coin gift! We appreciate your great service and beautiful products. All the best and good luck
with your business!"
Rick says:
"I bought your Aromatherapy Spray for my office and now everyone wants me to spray their offices - they need to get their own sprays now!"
Jenny says:
"I've been so excited since I received my Zen Appeal order! I can feel your strong positive energy in every Feng Shui item I bought."
Carly says:
"Since I got my Chinese Coin Ankle Bracelet, I've had the most AMAZING LUCK!  Everything seems to be going my way. I won a contest, I got an
unexpected check in the mail, and I got a raise! And that's just the first week! I'm never taking this off!!!"
Jeanne says:
"I got my order yesterday. ♥ Thank you for the added surprise :)"
Bobbie says:
"I have ordered from them before, cool stuff and so far not cheap looking. Fast turn around on orders.."
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